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How To Scold A Cat

Never hit or strike a cat - a simple NO with a look of disapprovement on your face will get the message across. The use of a water spray bottle with the NO is even more efficient, but the trick is to not let your cat see that you are holding the bottle otherwise it will figure out that it only happens when you're there. Be consistent in this manner and the cat will eventually know that you disapprove of the particular behaviour.

Punishing a cat after the fact will only confuse it further because it has forgotten the act itself very fast (minutes or less). Sometimes a little common sense is all that is needed to figure out why the cat is doing something. For example, let's say you played very rough with your cat using your hands when it was a kitten, it will probably grow up to be a biter... learned from you.

Usually if a cat has everything it needs -- love, attention, food, water, vet check-ups/vaccinations, can play, has comfortable places to sleep and perch on, with positive human interaction -- it is uncommon that the cat will develop behavioural problems or that it will want to repeatedly do something to annoy you. Many cats who have geat relationships with their humans want to please back!

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