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The Original Purrballs

(pronounced pashoo)
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PashuThis big mushball was introduced by a friend in Vancouver. He was sharing his home with two other aggressive cats, which caused him to spend most of his time hiding under the couch. After promising to take excellent care of him, he was rescued! He became a very happy, mellow cat who loved having conversations, was very responsive, had a wonderful sweet and regal personality, and could be very bossy at times (maybe a bit too spoiled)! He was very happy Tisha came to live with us. Pashu's favourite activities included sunning himself in front of the patio door while checking out all the birds feeding and playing outside, playing with Tisha, playing with the multitude of cat toys he kept on getting. Once in a while, his highness demanded spiders be fetched from the ceiling. He had a large bone structure, a big tongue, teeth, claws and paws and snored and purred very loudly.

Pashu will be missed always.

(pronounced teesha)
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TishaPashu was starting to be a little clingy and looked like he could use a friend, then I learned about Tisha through the FELINE-L mailing list on the Internet! A cat lover on the list found this cat declawed, extremely dirty, scared, cold and hungry near a farm in Pennsylvania. It looked like the cat been abused and neglected. Patricia took her in but had many cats already and the no-kill shelters had long waiting lists. Then the FUR-L (Feline Underground Railroad) which was part of another list FELINE-L, got involved. Transportation plans from Coplay, Pennsylvania, US to Ottawa, Ontario, Canada were in the works. Patricia drove the cat to Syracuse, then a FUR Station contact and his girlfriend drove the rest of the way to Ottawa. It took a while for her to completety trust us, but now she adores her home and drools and purrs on frequently on a daily basis! She knows she's cute and loves to pose for the camera. Her eyes go crooked at the smell of chicken in the oven and simply entering a room and acknowledging her presence will awaken her purr. She is very acrobatic and her play sessions with Pashu in the middle of the night usually sound like a herd of buffalos going up and down the stairs and hallway - lots of muscles in those little legs!

Tisha & Pashu - Pals!